The Three Ecologies
Author:Felix Guattari
Series:Bloomsbury Revelations
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Flow - Interior, Landscape and Architecture in the Era of Liquid Modernity
Author:Penny Sparke (Editor); Patricia Brown (Editor); Patricia Lara-Betancourt (Editor); Gini Lee (Editor); Mark Taylor (Editor)
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The Road Taken - The History and Future of America's Infrastructure
Stock: 0 $24.95
Cities in Time - Temporary Urbanism and the Future of the City
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Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability - Creating Positive Change Through Design
Author:Joshua Zeunert
Series:Required Reading Range
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Visual Communication for Landscape Architecture
Author:Trudi Entwhistle
Stock: 0 $47.95
Designing Sustainable Communities
Author:Avi Friedman
Series:Required Reading Range
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Basics Landscape Architecture 01 - Urban Design
Author:Tim Waterman
Series:Basics Landscape Architecture
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Digital Architecture Beyond Computers - Fragments of a Cultural History of Computational Design
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