Documentary Remains
Author:James Graham
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Architecture Is All Over
Author:Esther Choi + Marrikka Trotter
Stock: 0 $52.95
Promiscuous Encounters - A Seminar on the Critical Curatorial and Conceptual Practices of ArchitectureFrancisco Díaz, Nina Kolowratnik, Marcelo López-Dinardi, Marina Otero Verzier
Author:Francisco Díaz, Nina Kolowratnik, Marcelo Lopez-Dinardi, Marina Otero Verzier eds.
Stock: 0 $29.00
Trace Elements
Author:Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch
Stock: 0 $36.95
The Empire Remains Shop
Author:Alon Schwabe; Daniel Fernandez Pascu; Jesse Connuck; Sections Cooking Staff
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Architects Journeys - Building, Traveling, Thinking
Author:Craig Buckley + Pollyanna Rhee
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Dialogue and Translation - Grafton Architects
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A House Is Not Just a House - Projects on Housing
Author:Tatiana Bilbao
Series:GSAPP Transcripts Ser.
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The Arab City: Architecture and Representation
Author:Amale Andraos + Dr Adrian Lahoud (contributor)
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