Planning Projects in Transition : Interventions, Regulations and Investments
Author:Willem (EDT) Federico (EDT); Salet Savini
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Building for Dementia
Author:Christoph Metzger
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Urban Asias
Author:Tim Bunnell (Editor); Nausheen Anwar (Text by); Rebecca E. Bowers (Text by); Cecilia L. Chu (Text by); Mike Douglass (Text by); Eli Elinoff (Text by); Asher Ghertner (Text by); Daniel P. S. Goh (Editor)
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Water vs. Urban Scape - Exploring Integrated Water-Urban Arrangements
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Tezuka Architects - The Yellow Book
Author:Thomas Sherman
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Cubity - Energy-Plus and Modular Future Student Living
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Building Platforms
Author:Oliver Hasemann
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Landscript 04 - Nature Modern: Merging Architecture and Landscape in the Modern Movement
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The Vienna Model: Housing for the Twenty-First Century City
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Open House 2: Design Criteria for a New Architecture
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