Marcel Breuer - Building Global Institutions
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The Formal Basis of Modern Architecture
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Michael Webb: Two Journeys
Author:Michael Webb; Kenneth Frampton (Foreword by); Ashley Simone (Editor); Michael Sorkin (Text by); Mark Wigley (Text by)
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Culture City - How Culture Leaves Its Mark on Cities and Architecture Around the World
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Landscape as an Attitude - Conversations with Gunther Vogt
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Social Design
Author:Angeli Sachs (Text by, Editor); Claudia Banz (Text by); Michael Krohn (Text by)
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The City and the Architecture of Change - The Work and Radical Visions of Cedric Price
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Formless: Storefront for Art and Architecture Manifesto Series 1
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The Anatomy of the Architectural Book
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Chicago Architecture Biennial: Make New History: 2017
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Urban Hopes: Made in China by Steven Holl
Author:Christoph a. Kumpusch
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Sigfried Giedion - Liberated Dwelling
Author:Sigfried Giedion; Reto Geiser (Editor)
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