Ralph Lemon: Modern Dance
Author:David Velasco
Stock: 0 $45.00
Fool’s Paradise: The Early Years of the Melbourne Comedy Festival
Stock: 0 $66.00
A Body of Work Dancing to the Edge and Back
Author:David Hallberg; To Be Announced Staff
Stock: 0 $39.95
An Actor Prepares
Author:Konstantin Stanislavski
Series:Bloomsbury Revelations
Stock: 0 $19.95
Stella Adler on Ibsen Strindberg and Chekhov
Stock: 0 $26.95
Author:Sam Wasson
Stock: 0 $26.95
Singing From The Inside Out - Exploring The Voice, The Singer, And The Song
Stock: 0 $92.50
The Right to Speak: Working with the Voice
Author:Patsy Rodenberg
Series:Performance Books
Stock: 0 $36.95
Leigh Bowery Looks
Author:Greer F
Stock: 0 $29.95
Naked Cinema
Author:Sally Potter
Stock: 0 $39.95