Les Danseurs
Author:Matthew Brookes
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Clan: Bangarra Dance Theatre
Author:Stephen Page
Stock: 0 $59.95
La Mama
Author:Adam Cass
Stock: 0 $55.00
Live from New York : The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live as Told by its Stars, Writers, and Guests
Stock: 0 $35.00
Out on the Wire - The Storytelling Secrets of the New Masters of Radio
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Spacescapes : Dance and Drawing
Author:Yvonne Catherine; Rainer Mark; Queloz Elizabeth; Franko Sarah; Diller Burkhalter
Series:Documents Series
Reading Level:General Adult
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Why Acting Matters
Author:David Thomson
Series:Why X Matters Series
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Stella Adler - The Art of Acting
Stock: 0 $48.00
The Power of the Actor
Author:Ivana Chubbuck
Stock: 0 $32.95
Moma Dance: Sarah Michelson
Author:David Velasco
Stock: 0 $45.00
Author:Henry Leutwyler
Stock: 0 $100.00
This is a Voice - 64 Exercises to Train, Project and Harness the Power of Your Voice
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