Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads

Author(s): Luke Sullivan


The classic guide to creating great advertising now covers all media: Digital, Social, and Traditional Hey Whipple, Squeeze This has helped generations of young creatives make their mark in the field. From starting out and getting work, to building successful campaigns, you gain a real-world perspective on what it means to be great in a fast-moving, sometimes harsh industry. You'll learn how to tell brand stories and create brand experiences online and in traditional media outlets, and you'll learn more about the value of authenticity, simplicity, storytelling, and conflict. Advertising is in the midst of a massive upheaval, and while creativity is still king, it's not nearly enough. This book is an essential resource for advertising professionals who need up-to-date digital skills to reach the modern consumer. * Turn great ideas into successful campaigns * Work effectively in all media channels * Avoid the kill shots that will sink any campaign * Protect your work * Succeed without selling out Today's consumer has seen it all, and they're less likely than ever to even notice your masterpiece of art and copy, let alone internalize it.
Your job is to craft a piece that rises out of the noise to make an impact. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This provides the knowledge to create impressive, compelling work.

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Luke Sullivan (Savannah, GA; heywhipple.com) is author of the advertising/copywriting bestseller, Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. After 32 years in the advertising business at elite agencies like Fallon, The Martin Agency, and GSD&M, he is now chair of the advertising department at the Savannah College of Art and Design. His clients have included United Airlines, AT&T, Miller Lite, and SunTrust. Edward Boches, (Boston, MA; edwardboches.com) is an advertising consultant and speaker, writes a popular advertising industry blog (Creativity Unbound) and is a Professor of Advertising at Boston University. He joined the faculty in 2012 after 30 years as a partner at Mullen. During his tenure at Mullen, the agency grew from a 12-person local shop to one of the most highly regarded agencies in America. Edward has created award-winning advertising and social media campaigns for brands that include General Motors, Google, Lending Tree, Monster.com, Smartfood, Timberland and dozens of others. "When I Grow Up," a commercial he helped create for Monster.com, remains among the all-time top 10 Super Bowl spots.

Preface Introduction On Being The Second-Smartest Person in the Room. Chapter 1 A Brief History of Why Everybody Hates Advertising.: And why you should try to get a job there. Chapter 2: The Creative Process: Or Why it s impossible to explain what we do to our parents. Chapter 3 Ready Fire! Aim: Or, What to say comes before how to say. Chapter 4 The Sudden Cessation of Stupidity.: How to get ideas the broad strokes Chapter 5 Write When You Get Work: Completing an idea some finer touches Chapter 6 The Virtues of Simplicity: Or, Why it s hard to pound in a nail sideways. Chapter 7 Stupid, Rong, Naughty, and Viral: Getting noticed, getting talked about. Working way out past the edge Chapter 8 Why is the Bad Guy Always More Interesting?: Storytelling, Conflict, and Platforms CHAPTER 9 Zen and The Art of Sale-Ends-Saturday: Or, Managing time, energy, and your creative mind. Chapter 10 Digital Isn t a Medium. It s a Way of Life: Ads, media, content, and customers they ve all gone digital. Chapter 11 Change The Mindset, Change The Brief, Change The Team: Digital work means the end of us and them. Chapter 12 Why Pay for Attention When You Can Earn It?: Or, Advertising so interesting, people go out of their way to see it. Chapter 13 Social Media Is The New Creative Playground: It seems like a free-for-all, but there are some basic guidelines. Chapter 14 How Customers Become Customers in The Digital Age: Be findable, be present, be everywhere. Chapter 15 Surviving The Digital Tsunami: Or, How to be a one, not a zero. Chapter 16 In the Future, Everyone Will Be Famous for 30 Seconds: Some advice on telling stories visually Chapter 17 Radio Is Hell. But It s a Dry Heat: Some advice on working in a tough medium Chapter 18 Only the Good Die Young: The enemies of good ideas Chapter 19 Pecked to Death by Ducks: Presenting and protecting your work Chapter 20* A Good Book. Or a Crowbar: What it takes to get into the business Chapter 21 Making Shoes versus Making Shoe Commercials: Is this a great business, or what? Suggested Reading Notes Bibliography Acknowledgments Index

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