Skogen Zine Anthology 1993-1996


Collects all 3 issues of Skogen zine released 1994, 1995 and 1996. Created in the early to mid-90s by writer Sascha Falquet (who also contributed tracks to Behemoth's 'Sventevith' album) Skogen was one of the most memorable zines released during black metal's golden years. Thoughtful and often lengthy interviews capture many of the most important bands in the underground metal scene during an era when the scene was exploding in dramatic fashion, something reflected in the often extreme worldviews of the participants. MAYHEM, NECROPHOBIC, MORTIIS, DARK FUNERAL, GRAVELAND, DAWN, BAL-SAGOTH, TAAKE, BEHEMOTH, NIFELHEIM, DECORTICATION, SOLSTAFIR, SATYRICON, HADES, OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT, UNPURE, BELIAL, ANCIENT, ISVIND, CARPATHIAN FULL MOON, FLEURETY, ABRUPTUM, BEHEMOTH, ANCIENT RITES, ITNOS, DENIAL OF GOD, ENSLAVED, MOLESTED, CADAVAR, VERMIN, SIGH, ABSU, SORHIN, NASTROND, GATES OF ISHTAR, MALIGNANT ETERNAL, FORGOTTEN WOODS, NORDLYS, DAMNATION, SETHERIAL, VERGELMER, IMMORTAL, MYSTICUM, STRID, THORNIUM, GEHENNA, THE ANCIENTS REBIRTH, ABLAZE MY SORROW, DEMONIC, IN AETERNUM, AMON AMARTH, ILDJARN, GORGOROTH, NECROMICON, BLASPHEMOUS, ONDSKA, BORKNAGAR, SAMAIN, RAGNAROK, NATTEFALL, NAGLFAR, PENITENT, SATARIAL, THY PRIMORDIAL, WALLACHIA, DISMAL EUPHONY, DARKWOODS MY BETROTHED, NAGELFAR, DEINONYCHUS, SORGAR, ENCHANTED, PRIMORDIAL, AETERNUS, and more...


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